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Nostrovia! Poetry’s 2015 Chapbook Contest: TEN FINALISTS


Jeremiah and I have been reading and rereading these last three weeks, discussing your manuscripts! It’s incredibly clear that our community really trusts what we’re doing at Nostrovia! Poetry, as so many of you submitted an incredible mix of work we’d never seen before!

By the first weekend, we quickly realized five finalists couldn’t properly acknowledge all your hard work–so we’ve gone and doubled the count! We’re so excited to share the following list of Nostrovia! Chapbook Finalists(!):

  • Dalton Day – “To Breathe I’m Too Thin”
  • Meg Eden – “I am Linwood Eden or Current Resident”
  • Logan Ellis – “City of Broken Analogies”
  • Leah Mueller – “Allergic to Everything”
  • Bob Schofield – “Moon Facts”
  • Beach Sloth – “March 23rd, 2015″
  • August Smith – “Bird Lizard Horse”
  • Adam Tedesco – “Psycho Genetic Trans Fur”
  • Barrett Warner – “Twin Speech”
  • Sarah Xerta – “Juliet (II)”

From this pool of ten, we’ll (somehow, ugh!) be selecting our three winners–for details on the prize, check this earlier article. Again, thank you so much for your continued support of Nostrovia! Poetry–we have some big goals in mind and are fueled by your love! CHEERS!

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From Tucson to Flagstaff

I am currently typing this article in Flagstaff, Arizona.  I am wearing a battered up leather jacket and a skank wrapped round my neck saturated with desert.  We hit hit the road less than a week ago, cramming five odd ball cats into a small New Hampshire truck.  We alternate three of us up front, two sprawled the truck bed among our frame packs, the bookstore, and our gear.

The landscape from Tucson to Flagstaff molts and changes with the time it takes to stub out a cigarette.   We began in desert herped with cactus and scorpions, making way through six lanes of Phoenix ashes, up thru Sedona and its empty blood hills and valleys, before coming into a vast pine forests wearing the shadows of mountains and the old America vibe glow of Route 66.

Books & Shovels has accumulated new publication since our relaunch at the Tucson Poetry Festival, and our shelves are continuing to grow on our journey.

Once the timer on this public library computer kicks me off, we shoot to the Grand Canyon for a campfire wine rumpus of sorts.  Following the Canyon, we make way for the faux sparkle lust of Vegas.

We’ll continue posting updates as we make our way up to the Bay Area, photos of our adventures, and film from performances / funky campfire gatherings.

books and shovels broken watch flag staff az jirome az sedona 2 sedona ss sedona suinrise on the road truck bed

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Traveling Bookstore Relaunch

Books & Shovels, Nostrovia!’s traveling pop-up bookstore, launched at the 2014 NYC Poetry Festival.  From NYC, we made way through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado.  In Kansas, the road swung a nice little sucker punch at us.

Lawrence, K.S., is where William Burroughs died.  Our vehicle drove its way into the grave as well.  The front end of our vehicle was smashed into, the front end crunching.  An ugly color of mixing liquids poured from the crumpled hood.  We needed a crow bar to pop the hood open.

We sputtered over to a Walmart parking lot, and burnt out for the night.  This gave us a three night limit before they’d kick us off the property.

Luck struck the evening of the third night, and we traded the crumpled wrapper of a vehicle and the near last of our funds in exchange for a beaten up conversion van that rocked loosely and giggled on the highway.

& we were off to Denver.

Books & Shovels downsized from vehicle to frame pack in the upcoming months, distributing chapbooks and poetry collections along the East Coast, then following the South Coast to where they settled in Tucson, Arizona.

& here, we relaunch Books & Shovels, now re-incarnated in a truck, and packed with a gaggle of hoogalins.  We launch again during the soda pop cackle of dawn 4/20/15 for our first West Coast tour.

Yesterday, we said our goodbyes at the Tucson Poetry Festival.  Tonight, we say goodbye to the odd ball family of rappers + poets + punks + ex gangsters + artists + strippers + musicians + travelers over a bottle of wine.  Look at all the love we’ve found in a place where the desert wants your blood, and the poems want your soul.


photo 4 photo 3 photo 2books and shovels jeremiah walton

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Nostrovia! Poetry’s 2015 Chapbook Contest: Initial Results!

Greetings, friends and fellow writers!

First of all, Jeremiah and I have been *floored* by your stream of submissions–in just 48 hours we received 79 chapbooks! Though we were already thrilled to have ~30 submissions by the end of Monday, we didn’t expect to receive another 50 the following day :D

To all of you who’ve trusted Nostrovia! Poetry with your literary babies–we really do appreciate it. It’s clear how much work many of you put into these collections, and we hope to serve you right. With that in mind, we’re already starting to review your work, though we expect it’ll take a few weeks to pin down our Finalists… and then, three Winners!


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Nostrovia! Poetry’s 2015 Chapbook Contest: Submissions Have Opened!

Hi Everyone! Jeremiah and I are thrilled to announce that the floodgates have opened for Nostrovia! Poetry’s 2015 Chapbook Contest!  It is free to submit your manuscripts for print publication + debut at the 2015 NYC Poetry Festival, where you will have the option to represent yourself & Nostrovia! on stage / our vendor table.

Full details here (main site sub guidelines) and here (Advanced Submission Call write up).

Deadline: You will have until the end of Tuesday, March the 24th (at midnight, PST) to submit your chapbook!

Send your excellent work to