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Three Video-Poems by August Smith from “Bird Lizard Horse”

Oh wow!! August Smith teamed up with his friends to create these awesome videos, featuring three powerhouse poems from “Bird Lizard Horse”


“Two Stars, and a Sliver of a Third” from Bird Lizard Horse (ft. Alec Robbins)

“Mario Parties” from Bird Lizard Horse (ft. @John Carroll (pizzaboyfriend))

“Hello, Young America” from Bird Lizard Horse (ft. Steven Michael Holmes)

Buy “Bird Lizard Horse” for pay-what-you-want:
August Smith’s website:

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What Beach Sloth has to say about Nostrovia!’s 2015 NYC Chapbook Series

The wonderful soul that is Beach Sloth​ reviewed all three of Nostrovia Poetry​’s chapbook contest winners!  Review excerpts + links are incorporated below, along with links to purchase the publications, all available at the ‘pay-what-you-can’ + shipping rate, to avoid denying anyone of literature due to monetary reasons.

MOON FACTS by Bob Schofield​

“From the moon’s perspective the world is a sitcom. It is always changing though there appear to be similar themes throughout history. A lot of the earlier seasons of the world were a little atmospheric, not enough going on hence the moon kept it on in the background. Unfortunately the world gets a little too melodramatic for the moon’s tastes which is when the moon opts to stare out into the infinite space.”

Read the full review here

BIRD LIZARD HORSE by August Smith​

“Babyhood happened to everyone. People try to forget that long ago they were mere babies. Adults are always upset by babies. They forget what it means to be a baby: the confusion, the illogical situations, the things that adults simply deem “part of life”. Babies see right through that nonsense which is why they cry. Everywhere there are plenty of things that should drive people crazy: product placement, crass consumer sensibility, etc. Yes everyone can eat fresh but the question remains: should they? If Subway is eating fresh, if Quiznos is toasty, then what is the point of doing anything. What differentiates a slogan from a lie is repetition.”

Read the full review here

JULIET II by Sarah Xerta​

“Unfortunately it does not end so peacefully. Those who desire possession refuse to admit wrongdoing. Even when it would be the only human thing they could do, those who desire possession want to always be in control, to never admit that their actions were deplorable, that they destroy people. If those who desire possession admitted wrongdoing then they would feel remorse and would be force to stop their aggression, their preying on the innocent. A person dies and a person is born again, out of the hurt ready to start anew.”

Read the full review here

All three collections are available for pre-sale as a bundle deal, $12 + $5 shipping for all three. Each are individually available at a ‘pay-what-you-can’ rate. We aren’t going to deny anyone lit due to monetary reasons. Passionate Living > Making a Living.